Macrotia - big ear and earlobe Macrotia - large ear and ear lobe
Macrotia correction Macrotia correction - ear and ear lobe reduction
Stick out lobe Stick out lobe before correction
Stick out lobe after correction Stick out lobe after surgery
Ear Lobe keloid Keloid of ear lobe
Ear keloid after treatment Ear Lobe Keloid after treatment
Pinnaplasty Ear correction gone wrong Otoplasty gone wrong - an M deformity
Correction of otoplasty gone wrong Correction of a failed pinnaplasty
Ear lobe keloid Ear lobe keloid
Removal of ear lobe keloid Removal of ear lobe keloid
Lop ear Lop ear
Lop ear surgery showing stitch line Surgery for lop ear showing stitch line
Stick out ears Stick out ears
Correction of sticking out ears Correction of ears after otoplasty
Rim buckled after ear op Rim kink after pinnaplasty failed
Correction of Pinnaplasty gone wrong Correction of a failed otoplasty
Large brown birthmark Dark and hairy birthmark of forehead
After excision of the middle of the birthmark
After a further excision After a further excision
Removal of a large black birthmark Removal of large brown birthmark - progress
Removal of brown birthmark Removal of a large dark birthmark
"Shell" ear deformity
Cup ear deformity corrected Correction Ear deformity showing sutures in place
Sticking out ears Sticking out ears before surgery
Surgery to pin back ears Ear pinning immediately after stitch removal
Stick out ears Prominent ears before surgery
10th - 12th March 2011 057.jpg Stick out ears, side view, before surgery
Set back of stick out ears Correction of stick out ears
Jug ears before surgery Stick out ears before surgery
jug ears after surgery A natural-looking correction of stick out ears
April 19 2007 028.jpg
20 August 2007 017.jpg
4 September 2009 036.jpg