David Gault undertakes medical negligence and personal injury reporting, including cases fought in the American courts, but not criminal cases. Currently cases are split approximately 80/20 between plaintiff and defendant with 10% joint instruction. Areas of internationally recognized expertise are ear deformity, piercing problems, cable strike injuries, laser surgery, correction of failed aesthetic surgery and extravasation injury.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for your enormous assistance in this case and without your help, the case could not have been won."   
-    McMillan Willliams Solicitors, 2014

Currently the most frequent type of negligence instruction relates to alleged negligence in laser treatment (particularly in the use of IPL and multipurpose devices) and to failed ear surgery. The most frequent personal injury instruction is for scarring after both minor and major trauma, particularly if an opinion on both surgical and laser solutions is required.

Most frequent instructors are TJL Solicitors (sponsors of "Botched"),  as well as Slater Gordon , Slee Blackwell,and JCP Solicitors.


There are different scales for Mr Gault’s fees to reflect the complexity and specialty of some of the medico-legal work he does, avoiding the need, when considering scarring for example, for reporting first by a general plastic surgeon and then by Mr Gault, if consideration of both conventional and laser options for treatment is required.  An outline of David Gault's expertise, along with awards, research, publications and lecture is here. His CV constantly evolves - for a current copy, please contact us. 

To enquire about instructing Mr Gault, solicitors and medico-legal agencies should first contact us to request a copy of our Terms and Conditions. We are unable to accept instructions from claimants direct. Please note that all fees are payable before the report is dispatched.

Patients who attend for interview and examination for the preparation of a medical report are asked to allow one hour for the appointment. It is helpful if any documentation on the problem, such as diary entries showing the timeline of the problem, paperwork supplied or photographic evidence of the injuries sustained can be brought along to the appointment.

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