Ear Correction

Any surgical or non-surgical procedure, whether for cosmetic reasons, treatment of a medical condition or for reconstruction should be considered carefully.

Most essentially cosmetic treatments are best considered for some time before proceeding, and in accordance with GMC guidelines on cosmetic surgery, we are not able to offer same day or same week procedures.

Common exceptions include removal of cancers, surgery for inflammatory problems such as pyogenic granuloma and infected sebaceous cysts, injection of itchy keloid scarring and the removal of skin tags, including pre-auricular tags in babies. for example.

Early Ear Correction with EarBuddies should be started as soon as possible and we prioritise appointments to have EarBuddies splints fitted by Mr Gault on the same day of consultation,


Surgery versus no-surgery


otoplasty / pinnaplasty

Ear Reduction

Ear reconstruction

excision /grafting / flap reconstruction