You are currently on the EAR (Ear Aesthetics & Reconstruction) website of Consultant Plastic Surgeon David Gault, FRCS, showcasing examples of his work as an expert ear surgeon, including ear size problems and ear shape problems, and non-surgical ear correction for babies.

David Gault carries out most of his ear surgery in London, both in children and adults.


David Gault specialises in plastic surgery on the external, outer ear.  If your problem is with the middle ear or the inner ear, or with hearing problems, deafness or tinnitus or balance problems, we would recommend that you consult and ENT surgeon.


For information about his laser, skin and general aesthetic plastic surgery work, please go to his separate Skin, Lasers and Aesthetics site.



For all appointments, at his Harrow and London clinics, you can use any of the contact or booking details on either website, as all are managed centrally.  Your choice of clinic for your consultation does not affect your choice of hospital for your surgery.

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