International Patients

Patients coming from overseas often wish to consult and then proceed to surgery within a short space of time. Whilst this is understandable, it is very important to ensure that your aims and the practical possibilities are closely matched in order to achieve the best outcome.  It may be useful to make a Skype consultation appointment with Mr Gault in the first instance so that he can make an intial assessment of the condition, deformity or injury well in advance of your visit.  This may allow for surgery to follow swiftly after a final assessment is made in person at one of Mr Gault's clinics. 

We recommend that you do not book travel for either consultation, procedure or both without first ensuring Mr Gault's availability.  Please note that we are unable to book surgery without knowing from Mr Gault which of many techniques, anaesthetic and length of hospital stay options would be best. This enables us to work out which hospitals would be most suitable.  Where possible we try to provide a range of hospital options. 

Smoking increases the risk of most surgical procedures and certain procedures, such as facelifting and ear reconstruction, particularly if complex flaps are involved, cannot be performed within 6 weeks of smoking a single cigarette. Long flights can also increase the risk of thrombosis after surgery, so we ask you to avoid alcohol and ensure that you are well hydrated during travel. Please allow a long enough stay for sutures and bandages to be removed. The hospitals themselves can usually recommend a list of local hotels during your stay.

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