Medicolegal Expert Reporting on Failed Ear Surgery

About 20% of Mr Gault's negligence work related to cases of failed ear surgery, including loss of ear tissue and telephone deformity.

Below are examples of pinnaplasty surgery undertaken at centres in the UK and overseas with poor results.

M deformity after failed surgery M deformity after failed otoplasty
otoplasty gone wrong - loss of antihelical fold Failed pinnaplasty with loss of antihelix
Pinnaplasty gone wrong - severe ear deformity Severe ear deformity after ear pinning surgery
Ear pin back surgery gone wrong - loss of ear rim Failed pinback surgery - loss of ear rim


Examples of pinnaplasty surgery with poor results; all the examples below follow operations to pinback the ear undertaken at in the UK and overseas

Ear pinning gone wrong
Otoplasty complications
Ear rim missing
Bad pinnaplasty result
Bad pin 3.jpg
Bad pin 5.jpg
Bad pin 2.jpg
David Gault's blog on ear correction gone wrong